Feel the G-forces as you loop the loop in a weekend glider trip organised in conjunction with the local flying club. And enjoy the breathtaking views!

Whale-watching flights

Whale-watching flights in powered aircraft can be arranged during the winter months when the viewing is best.

Shark-cage diving

Shark! Yes, that legendary predator, the Great White Shark, is not just indigenous to Australia. It also hunts around the southern coast of South Africa, especially along 'Shark Alley' in the ocean waters off the fishing village of Gansbaai
Feeling very brave? If you are, then we can arrange for you to be lowered into a strong (and very safe) galvanised steel cage into these waters to observe 'Jaws' close up for yourself. But still the thrill of a lifetime.

Important note: While shark cage diving is perfectly safe, some experience in using SCUBA equipment is essential. Low cost basic instruction can be offered if you have never used this apparatus before, but must be undertaken one week prior to the dive itself. Or you can always just watch from the boat