Adventure: Day Trips

Whale watching

Whale watching is the most popular tourist attraction off the southern coast of South Africa in our winter months.The Southern Right Whale leaves its Antarctic habitat, and migrates close to our coast to breed in the warmer waters, often approaching within a mere stone's throw of the shore with its young.

The southern tip of South Africa is one of the best locations in the world to observe whales. June through December is the peak viewing season, when they can approach very close to the shoreline.
It is as if one could reach out and touch these magnificent animals. Don't forget to bring along your camera or camcorder.

A visit to Cape Agulhas

A visit to Cape Agulhas (Needle Cape) takes you to the most southerly point in Africa. Here the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, and not at the Cape of Good Hope, 170km to the north-west, as myth may suggest
The town of L'Agulhas boasts the second oldest lighthouse in the country, built in 1848. It is still operational, with its powerful lights visible for 60Km [37mi] out to sea, and contains Africa's only lighthouse museum
Nearby is the picturesque harbour at Struisbaai , with a lovely beach that is perfect for swimming, and Arniston , with its unique fishermen's cottages, and breathtaking views from its cliffs

De Hoop Nature Reserve

Nature-lovers will adore the De Hoop Nature Reserve, with its impressive diversity of rare wildlife, and numerous species of flora and fauna found only in South Africa, and also Bontebok Park , with its beaches and sand dunes, is one of the best whale watching sites in winter. The reserve has hiking trails, shorter walks and a circular tour route for vehicles

But if just lying on the sand soaking up the hot Sun is your thing, give the magnificent beaches at nearby Witsand a visit...

Gourmet trip

And for the grande finale , let us take you on our own gourmet trip ... catching your own delicious lobster!
We leave Swellendam in the early hours of the morning for Gansbaai , a small fishing village 90 minutes drive away. We launch our 4.6 metre [15ft] boat and we are on our way to lobster territory. The traps are dropped, and an hour later we return to the harbour with as many as twenty lobsters, the maximum permitted daily catch.
That same evening we will prepare a magificent meal with these fresh lobsters, wine included if you experience that you will never forget! Our Cape Lobster is one of the tastiest lobsters in the world ... an expensive delicacy in Europe.

* The lobster catch is only available in season, from November 15 to April 30, and on weekends only. Limited to two or three persons per single trip, and is subject to a per person charge over and above our room rates.